Welcome you introducing the new client
If you have familiar friends, customers or acquaintances who need translation service, pls introduce our translation studio for them. Once we make the deal, I will return 15% commission for you. Or to say, if you introduce a deal of RMB 10000, I will reward you RMB 1500. Do you think cool ?
如果您在一周之内(七天)有西班牙语和德语的翻译文件,且字数在四千字之内(总和),您的翻译费用仅需:RMB 600元(不包含英译西和英译德)
新的一年到来了!我们的制度也有所改观,新包月制度里面含有英,日,法,意,德,西,葡共计七个语种,还是以两万字为限,包月价仅为:RMB 2000元整。

Within one year, the top quantity is 120 thousand words, and the total amount is only RMB 10000. If you regularly need translation service, we strongly recommend you use our yearly translation service which is very cost-efficient , with high quality.It covers ten language types, ie. English, Russian, Italian, German, Japanese, Arabic, Portuguese, French, Spanish and Korean.

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