Inverto and Montage LZ join forces | Advanced Television

FTA Communication Technologies SARL (Inverto), a leading supplier of broadcast reception equipment and video streaming solutions serving major DTH operators across the world, and Montage LZ Technologies, a global leading fabless provider for analogue and mixed-signal semiconductor IC, will showcase at Convergence India Expo a live demonstration of Inverto’s airstream Live Gateway, a fully DVB-NIP (Native IP) compliant receiver based on Montage LZ’s Symphony 4 SoC.

Inverto’s airstream Live Gateway is a cost-effective DVB-NIP compatible satellite decoder designed to receive HLS and DASH encoded content, distributed over broadcast satellites using Inverto’s airstream Live content distribution solution. Video Encoder

Inverto and Montage LZ join forces | Advanced Television

The airstream Live Gateway features a DVB-S2X front end and supports content delivery over GSE HEM or DVB-MPE transport streams. It receives live mABR (multicast Adaptive Bit Rate) video streams or any other type of media files including VoD, documents and data files over multicast streams and publish the content over a built-in web server. The airstream Live Gateway features a LAN port and a WLAN Access Point to stream the content to mobile devices directly or through a companion airstream Live Edge server when a larger number of end users’ mobile devices shall be supported at the same time.

In addition, the airstream Live Gateway can decode the live mABR TV streams and display over a TV screen using its HDMI and analogue A/V ports. The airstream airstream Live features a USB2.0 port for connecting an optional local storage.

“Montage LZ’s Symphony 4 SoC has proven a perfect match to enable low-latency decoding and processing of the DVB-NIP signals” stated Gil LAIFER, Inverto’s VP Products. “Its features and performance made it an ideal basis for our software development team to optimise and deploy our airstream Live DVB-NIP Gateway for a wide range of use cases covering DTH, Education, Remote communities and Mobility applications at sea, land and air. Accompanied with our airstream Live cloud service and apps for mobile devices, service providers have everything they need to operate a first class content delivery service over broadcast networks based on the latest DVB-NIP technology.”

Mars LIN, Montage LZ’s Head of Product Line Marketing added: “We are glad our partnership with Inverto on DVB-NIP technology sees a strong kick off using our Symphony 4 SoC, with optimised system performance and wide coverage of use cases. We’re thrilled to develop together with Inverto with our latest Symphony 6 SoC, to further enhance Inverto gateway product performance and features, providing expanded end-user device support.“

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Inverto and Montage LZ join forces | Advanced Television

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