Multivac launches new semi-automatic slicer | Supermarket Perimeter

KANSAS CITY, MO. — Through an exclusive partnership between Multivac Group and Equimatec, the companies are introducing the S 300 slicer, an entry-level semi-automatic slicer.

Debuted for the first time in the United States at Process Expo in Chicago, the S 300 slicer achieves high-quality slices of various food products including bacon, sausages, deli meats and fish. Capable of slicing products up to 1,000 mm, the slicer deposits the slices in a predefined arrangement pattern on the portioning system. Chicken Tenders Coating Machine

Multivac launches new semi-automatic slicer | Supermarket Perimeter

Multivac said the slicer can be used as a stand-alone unit or as a module within a slicing and packaging line.

Operating in conjunction with the R 3 thermoforming packaging machine and other components from Multivac, the slicer forms a line featuring high output, consistent pack quality, process reliability and operating convenience, as well as futureproofing and digitalization on the R 3, the company said.

The product logs are manually loaded into the slicer, where the product grippers secure them before being fed into the cutting chamber. A flexible slicing process enables a wide range of portion sizes and shapes to be produced, which are fed over an optional checkweigher, where any incorrect weights are ejected via the downstream rocker.

Running over an automatic belt loader, the correct portions are buffered and arranged according to the format of the packaging machine, before being loaded into the pack cavities in synchronization with the advance of the R 3.

Multivac launches new semi-automatic slicer | Supermarket Perimeter

Chicken Nugget Making Machine “The S 300 slicer and R 3 thermoformer provide a robust, cost-effective solution for simple slicing and packaging applications,” Multivac said. “This simplified line solution is built to compete in price and performance and is ideal for customers with budgetary constraints.”