V-610: Compact, Fast Rotary Table for Precision Test : Quote, RFQ, Price and Buy

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The high-speed, direct-drive rotation stages from PI (Physik Instrumente) LP have been fitted with brushless, frictionless, and closed-loop torque motors. The availability of such fast rotary tables offers the ideal combination of high velocity, high precision, and utmost service life. Manual Linear Translation Stage

V-610: Compact, Fast Rotary Table for Precision Test : Quote, RFQ, Price and Buy

PI offers closed-loop direct-drive rotary tables with mechanical and air bearings. The stage model comes with a low profile and large apertures. The stage design has been improved for high stiffness, speed, and load capacity.

Air-bearing rotation tables are recommended if maintenance-free and friction-free motion with an unlimited lifetime is needed. Such ultra-precision, high-speed rotary tables offer vibration-free motion with extremely high precision and negligible runout, wobble, and eccentricity errors.

The deficiency of lubricants makes these clean rooms consistent and ideal for any high-performance metrology application in photonics, optics, and semiconductor manufacturing, test, and metrology-related projects.

In opposition to belt-drive rotation stages or worm gear-driven rotary stages, the quick, direct-drive stages remove play in gears, couplings, or flex in drive belts, offering accurate rotary motion with zero backlash and outstanding constancy of velocity while obtaining higher speed compared to worm-gear drives.

High-speed rotary tables are utilized in high-performance factory automation, semiconductor, and laser processing applications and research. As a result of the use of brushless, high-torque motors with instant metrology position feedback, a backlash is entirely removed, and reliability has been greatly enhanced.

Generally, there is no variance. With the availability of greater models, a table is utilized more often, while smaller-size models are often referred to as stages.

With the availability of modern direct-metrology rotary encoders, sensor resolution down to 1/100th of a microrad is available on chosen models with large rotary table platforms. This utilizes the high interpolation factors of modern closed-loop brushless motors like what is offered by the PI’s EtherCat-based controllers.

Depending on the high encoder resolution and robust servo controllers, the direct-drive rotary tables also offer outstanding velocity control. This is needed in automation applications like high-speed laser processing, indexing, and semiconductor wafer inspection.

The majority of the Direct Drive Rotation stages could be mounted vertically and horizontally, with combinations of all 3 rotary degrees of freedom (3DOF, yaw, pitch, and roll) being addressed.

Direct Drive and Direct Encoder

Image Credit: PI (Physics Instruments) LP

Direct Drive, Absolute Encoder Option

Image Credit: PI (Physics Instruments) LP

Direct Drive, Absolute Encoder Option

Image Credit: PI (Physics Instruments) LP

Image Credit: PI (Physics Instruments) LP

Image Credit: PI (Physics Instruments) LP

Image Credit: PI (Physics Instruments) LP

A-142: Miniature Air Bearing Slide for Fast Alignment Applications

A-341 Hybrid XY/XYZ Gantry Positioning System

A-352 Large Overhead XY/XYZ Gantry Positioning System for Precision Automation

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A-62x PIglide RM Rotation Stage with Air Bearings and Closed-Loop Encoder from PI

A-811: High Performance Motion Control With EtherCat Connectivity

A-828: High Performance Motion Controller

ES-100 Precision Vertical Elevation Stage with Closed Loop Motor from PI micos

H-820 Low-Cost Hexapod Parallel-Kinematics 6 Axis Positioning System from Physik Instrumente

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H-850K Parallel Kinematics Hexapod Precision Positioning System for Ultra-High Load from Physik Instrumente

High-Speed Automated Photonics Alignment System F-712 FMPA by PI

L-239 Motorized Precision Linear Actuator with Closed-Loop Motor from PI micos

L-310 Precision Vertical Elevation Stage with Closed Loop Motor from PI

L-412 and L-417 High-Load Linear Stage Family for Industrial Precision Automation and Motion Control

L-417: High Force Linear Translation Stage for Precision Automation

L-511 Motorized Precision Linear Positioner from PI

L-731/V-731 Planar XY-Precision Linear Stages for Industrial Automation from PI

L-836: Compact Linear Translation Stages

Linear Motor Actuator for Automation, Voice Coil Drive-V-273 from PI

Low-Cost Piezo Flexure Linear Actuator - P-603 from PI

Low-Profile High-Speed Stage with Ultrasonic Piezo Linear Drives & Direct Position Measurement

LPS-45 Miniature Linear Piezo Positioning Stage from PI micos

LPS-65 Precision Linear Piezo Positioning Stage from PI micos

M-110: Ultra Compact Micro-Translation Stage

M-116 Precision Miniature Motorized Rotation Stage from Physik Instrumente

M-122 Miniaturized Precision Linear Positioning Stage with Linear Encoder from Physik Instrumente

M-687 XY Motorized Microscope Stage with High Precision Closed Loop Piezo Motor from Physik Instrumente

M-811 Compact Vacuum Compatible Parallel-Kinematics 6-Axis Hexapod Stewart Platform

M-850K Hexapod Precision Positioner for Astronomy and Outdoor Operation from Physik Instrumente

Manual Precision XY Microscope Stage, M-545.2M from PI

MCS XY-Precision Linear Positioner for Metrology from PI micos

N-470 PiezoMike Nanopositioning Motor Actuator from Physik Instrumente

P-131: Programmable, Active Shims for Optical Fine Alignment

P-725KHDS PIFOC® High Dynamics Objective Lens Scanner from Physik Instrumente

P-876: Flexible Piezo Transducer for Sensing and Actuation

P-911K UHV-Compatible Miniature Piezo Hexapod from Physik Instrumente

PI M-228 Cost Efficient Stepper Motor Actuators

PI M-403 Low Cost Precision Linear Stages

PI P-545 PInano™ XYZ Piezo Stages for Super-Resolution Microscopy

PI P-736 PInano™ Z, Piezo-Z Slide Scanner

PI U-651 Ultra-Low Profile Rotation Stage with Ultrasonic Motor

Piezo Assemblies for Nano-Dosing, Micro Pumps and Valves in Medical Engineering

Piezo Linear Nanopositioning Motor - N-216 NEXLINE® from PI

PIFOC® Long Travel Piezo Microscope Lens Positioner from Physik Instrumente

PLS-85 Vacuum Precision Linear Positioner from PI micos

Precision Rotation Stage - Low Profile, Air Bearings, Direct Drive

Programmable Shims - Nanometer Precision - PIRest

PRS-200 Precision Motorized Large Aperture Rotation Stage from PI Micos

Q-545 Miniature Linear Piezo Positioning Stage from PI

U-628 Miniature, High Speed, Closed-Loop Rotary Stage from Physik Instrumente

UHV Vacuum Nanopositioning Stage from Physik Instrumente

Ultra-High Accuracy Nano-Positioning Linear Stage with Linear Motor-N 565 from PI

Ultra-High Accuracy Nano-Positioning Linear Stage with Linear Motor-N 664 from PI

UPR-270 Air: Rotation Stage with Ultra-High Precision Air Bearings and Closed-Loop Angular Encoder from PI micos

V-308: Fast Focus Nanopositioning Stage for Surface Metrology and Microscopy

V-508: Low Profile Linear Translation Stages

V-551 Precision Linear Motor Stage with Absolute Encoder and 0.5nm Minimum Incremental Option from PI

V-622: Fast Precision Rotary Stages with Industrial Performance, Direct-Drive, and Ball Bearings

V-817: High-Load Linear Translation Stage with Linear Motors for High-Speed Precision Automation

V-855: High-Speed, Direct-Drive Linear Modules for Industrial Precision Automation

V-857: Fast, Long-Travel Linear Modules for Industrial Precision Automation

V-931: Fast Steering Mirror for Laser Optical Communication and Laser Beam Control

Vacuum Nanopositioning Stages - P-915 from PI

WT-90 Precision Motorized Goniometer Cradle from PI micos

X-417: Granit-Based XYZ Motion and Positioning System for Laser Machining

XY Motorized Microscope Stage, M-545 from PI

XYZ Positioning Stage System for Fiber Alignment and Photonics Alignment - F-131 from PI - An AZoNetwork Site

V-610: Compact, Fast Rotary Table for Precision Test : Quote, RFQ, Price and Buy

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