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 2.3.1链条规格选型:Model selection of lifting chain


Compared with the transmission of chain & wire rope, the chain transmission owns the virtues of high efficiency, no loss for velocity, easy installation & debugging, easy maintenance, long lifetime in case of suitable model selection. But the disadvantages are high price, heavy weight, noise during transmission. After overall consideration, this time the lifting transmission system adopts four-point chain as lifting transmission, and the maximum load capacity of chain on single side in the direction of vehicle head is :

 Qmax= ((m/2+m*0.6)/2)*g=((3480/2+2200*0.6)/2)*9.8=14.99KN

Qmax= ((mlifter/2+mvehicle*0.6)/2)*g=((3480/2+2200*0.6)/2)*9.8=14.99KN

选型杭州永利百合立体车库专用链条,链条型号为16ALT-2(极限拉伸载荷143.1KN),安全系数n=143.1/14.99=9.547,根据《机械式停车设备通用安全要求 GB 17907-2010》安全系数满足要求。

Please select the special chain of 3D garage from Hangzhou Unibear Holding Group Co.,Ltd, and the chain model is 16ALT-2 (based on the maximum tensile load of 143.1KN), and safety coefficient shall be n=143.1/14.99=9.547which can meet with the requirement according to General safety requirement GB 17907-2010 for mechanical parking systems.

2.3.2链条直径拉杆计算:Pull rod calculation based on chain diameter


We select 45# pull rod material. After quenching and tempering, the tensile strength reaches about 590Mpa (Please refer to mechanical design handbook ), for the first time we select the thread diameter of pull rod as M20, and the force section area is selected as 227mm2so the tensile strength of the screw rod shall be :


F=590*227=133930Ntherefore in theory, M20 screw rod can lift the load.


G=133930/9.8/1000=13.67 ton, therefore the tensile strength of pull rod can meet the requirement.

2.4传动轴的校核:Calibration of transmission shaft

根据2.2.1计算选型,提升系统转矩为T1=1149 N·M,传动轴材质选择45#调质处理,根据系统的工作状况,计算轴径时选择该材质的许用扭转剪切应力       τp=55Mpa

We select the model according to the calculation of 2.2.1, and the rotation torque of lifting system shall be T1=1149 N·M, and we select 45# as the transmission shaft material for quenching and tempering. According to the working status of system, we select the permissible torsional shear stress shall be τp=55Mpa.

根据公式计算轴系最小直径d ,可得出轴直径d47.37mm

According to the formula, we calculate the minimum diameter of the shaft shall be d≥ and we obtain the shaft diameter of d≥47.37mm.


So it can meet with the strength requirement; because the hollow transmission shaft diameter of reducer is d=50mmit’s easy to be mounted. And we define the shaft diameter of lifting gear as 48mm, so we take the maximum diameter of transmission shaft as d=50mm.