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Hi, Nice to receive your inquiry about the vase, From Made-in-China website, you inquired the artificial blowing vase. We can make it. But the price is more expensive, comparing with the vase made by machine. Could you let me know your target price. In addition, I sent you a catalogue of vase for your reference. If you find your favorite item, pls let me know too. I’ll send you a detailed quotation.


你好,我是Simone,很荣幸与你取得联系,下面图片是你需要的10L或者20L 的玻璃罐子图片,因为你要的容量实在有点大,所有我们只有下面图片中几款可以达到你的要求,请告诉我你需要的数量,我将再发送一份详细报价给您

Hi, I am Simone. Nice to contact with you. The following photo is your required 10L or 20L glass jar, because the capacity is a bit large, only a few items can reach your requirements as the photos show. Pls let me know your required order quantity, I’ll send you a detailed quotation.